Burger King logos for Sauber in Spain

Burger King

May 7 (GMM) The logo of the famous family restaurant Burger King will appear on Sauber’s white livery this weekend in Spain.

The two-race deal, to be completed at the country’s other formula one race at Valencia late next month, is with the American giant’s Spanish arm Burger King Iberia.

“In formula one, the vast restaurant chain sector has hardly been tapped,” said Peter Sauber in a statement, in which a Burger King official said the presence of Spanish driver Pedro de la Rosa is “important”.

The distinctive red, yellow and blue logo will appear on the side and nose of the C29 monocoque.

  • http://www.last.fm/group/Formula+1 Bec

    Interesting, I wonder if this could be the start of sponsorship in F1 by fast food restaurants?

  • PitRat

    well I can imagine who Ferrari should try to sell… McDonalds.. Make the F2013 look like a big mac… and when Junk food is made illegal to advertise… bend some limp fries to form the golden arch… oh yeah fries are junk as well.

  • http://www.last.fm/group/Formula+1 Bec

    Yeah the ‘Nanny State’ brigade will be trying to ban that next :D