Williams buys more of own KERS company

Williams KERS system illustration

Apr.28 (GMM) Williams on Wednesday announced it has bought more of the company that developed its flywheel KERS system.

We reported in February that, because FOTA has banned the energy recovery technology for now, Williams’ system will instead be fitted to Porsche’s new 911 GT3 R Hybrid road car.

Ahead of its Nordschleife debut in May, the Porsche debuted in Nico Hulkenberg’s hands last Friday, with the German praising the flywheel as “fascinating technology”.

Williams is also developing the system for Tata Motors’ Jaguar Land Rover and it will be available for use in buses, trains, ships and wind power generation.

The Grove based team bought a 40 per cent share in the British company Automotive Hybrid Power in 2008, relocating it to the team’s factory and renaming it Williams Hybrid Power.

Chief executive Adam Parr said in February that Williams will buy a majority stake in the company because it can provide “a significant contribution” to the F1 team’s budget.

On Wednesday, Williams issued a statement confirming that its shareholding has increased to 78 per cent.