Rosberg: Great experience working with Schumi

Nico Rosberg during the Thursday FIA press conference in Sepang

Apr.1 (YF1) Mercedes GP’s Nico Rosberg spoke at the FIA Thursday press conference ahead of the Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang. Here are the highlights

In spite of two good finishes so far the team keeps saying it is not quite on the pace yet. Is it something that you know about or are not certain why?

Nico driving at the Petronas Pit Pulse event in Kuala Lumpur

Nico Rosberg: We know that we are not quite where we want to be yet, but I think that was to be expected in some ways. With Mercedes coming in and everything the team needs to grow. We have massive potential. A really strong group of people and strong support from Mercedes-Petronas, so I am very confident that very soon we will be able to close the gap.

Tell us about the challenge of this circuit. What is important here?

Nico with Michael Schumacher at the Petronas Pit Pulse event

Nico: The track here in Malaysia is one of my nice favourite tracks. It is really nice to drive. There are lots of different combinations of corners and it is very challenging. It is going to be tough for the drivers because of the heat. It is one of the most challenging races for a driver’s fitness in the year but that’s why I did all my training in the winter, so I should be fine.  Car-wise it is also quite demanding with the temperatures but I think we made some good progress on the set-up in Melbourne which should help us here also, so I am looking forward to a good weekend.

What is it like being the team-mate of the most successful Formula One driver of all time?

Nico Rosberg jogs around the Sepang circuit on Thursday morning

Nico: It has been a great experience for me as it is just interesting working with him. Until now the partnership with him has been very good. Everything has been open, very relaxed, so I am able to learn a few things and for me it has been a great opportunity.

Where do you think your car can match the best cars on the grid?
It’s going to be mainly aerodynamics, that’s where the main progress has to come from. One of the things is obviously the McLaren invention or whatever that is, which all the teams are looking at, at the moment, and then there’s also some mechanical things we believe that we can do better and those developments will be coming very soon. I was in the factory about two weeks ago and they presented the developments to me and it’s looking very promising, so for me it was really encouraging and I look forward to seeing how it goes.

What would you say was the one difference from your previous team to your current one?
It’s difficult, there’s not a big difference. Yes, you see some small differences in the way that the working environment is and the ways of going about things, but Williams is strong in some areas, we’re stronger in others, so it’s not a night and day difference. And advice is a bit more difficult, isn’t it?