Early to judge new rules says Ferrari boss

Stefano Domenicali

Mar.23 (YF1) After the season opener, many pundits and fans complained the race was boring. Ferrari team principal Stefano Domenicali says it is too early to judge the effectiveness of the new rules, “I would be perfectly happy with that if it means the Scuderia will finish first and second in every race!”

However, on a more serious note, he added, “It is much too early to jump to conclusions and we should not react in an emotional way. We must wait and see how the races evolve throughout the season and then, the subject can be studied calmly, based on sufficient evidence.”

Nevertheless, the Scuderia has already stated that it aims to move car development forward at every grand prix and the two F10s in Australia will indeed sport a few minor updates, because, with the top end of the field so closely matched, one or two tenths of a second per lap can have a significant impact on the finishing order on Sunday afternoons.