Mosley, Fernandes back Branson over Ferrari outburst

Richard Branson

Feb.28 (GMM) Tony Fernandes and Max Mosley have backed Sir Richard Branson against Ferrari‘s outburst about new teams in formula one.

After the famous Italian team slammed the former FIA president and the small incoming teams, Virgin owner Branson said the ‘Horse Whisperer’ column was “sad”.

On a flying visit to the final pre-season test at Barcelona, the British billionaire added: “I think it was a pity that they (Ferrari) were resistant to the budget cap and I think it is foolish actually.

“I think the one thing the Virgin team will prove is that you can have a really good racing team, running very fast, within a very tight budget,” said Branson.

Previously, Branson and Lotus team boss Fernandes’ rivalry has been feisty, as the pair challenged one another to play airline stewardess if they are beaten in 2010.

But on the Ferrari issue, Malaysian Fernandes is backing Branson, and he wrote on Twitter: “Wonder what Ferrari would be like on Virgin’s budget.”

Mosley’s own reaction was predictable, telling a select few British press men last week that Ferrari is like “a frumpy old woman at a dance who sees a couple of pretty young girls come in and they resent it”.

Even long-time Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher does not share the views of his former employer.

“Actually I think they are doing reasonably well,” said the German when asked about the new teams that are up and running, Virgin and Lotus.

“I think for teams that have started completely from scratch I think they are doing a very good job,” added Schumacher.

  • Bec

    Ferrari are looking out of step with modern society, probably because Luca di Montezemolo was wrong to back his pal Briatore in the budget cap row.

    FOTA’s own survey showed that in conclusion, “Fans liked the technology rivalry between teams, but it has to be balanced with driver skill and not to be seen to be excessive in terms of cost.”

    But Montezemolo, who was president of FOTA at the time, completely ignored what F1 fans would like to see, and instead made a grab for power.