Barcelona Day 4: Red Bull report

Sebastian Vettel

Feb.28 (YF1) Drivers: Sebastian Vettel/Mark Webber; Car: RB6-02; Laps: 137 (Vettel – 76; Webber – 61); Best time: Vettel: 1:20.667; Webber: 1:20.496); Circuit length: 4.655 km Fastest lap: L Hamilton (1:20.472)

Having had less time on track than expected yesterday, Sebastian started for us this morning with Mark finishing our pre-season preparations in the afternoon. It was a similar programme for both drivers which the team successfully completed; establishing the final set-ups for the start of the season with varying fuel loads.

Ian Morgan, Head of Race Engineering said “Losing a bit of time yesterday we didn’t do everything we wanted to with Seb so we got pretty much a day and half’s testing into today – which is why we’ve done 137 laps. It’s been busy but we’ve got a lot done.

“This final test was good for us. With our limited testing in the dry at the two Jerez tests, the four days of almost completely dry weather here meant that we got back on course and we’ve made a lot of progress this week. It’s been a very good test.”

There are now two weeks until we race in the season’s opening grand prix in Bahrain.