Barcelona Day 4: McLaren report

Lewis Hamilton

Feb.28 (YF1) Final day of pre-season testing. Lewis Hamilton was back in the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, continuing the understanding, evaluation and development of new components that Jenson had started yesterday.

With a more innate understanding of the new package, Lewis’s engineers were able to spend the morning fine-tuning MP4-25’s set-up while also carrying out a number of pitstop practices.

At the end of the morning, the team undertook several simulated qualifying runs, thrilling the crowds by going head to head with Felipe Massa and Michael Schumacher, who were also carrying out similar work.

For the final afternoon, the team ran another race simulation, carrying out three 22-lap stints. At the end of the day, Lewis declared himself happy and comfortable with the new car and told his engineers that he’s now looking forward to Bahrain.

The whole team keenly shares his sentiments…