Rumours suggest Ferrari F10 is not good

Is the Ferrari F10 any good?

Jan.29 (GMM) Ferrari may already be working on a ‘B’ version of its newly launched F10 car. Britain’s Times newspaper referred to rumours “sweeping the Italian media” about the early performance estimates for the new single seater.

The report said it is feared the car is “not as good as the team were hoping for”, despite Ferrari having stopped developing the F60 mid last season in order to focus on its successor.

Former Ferrari driver Gerhard Berger told Switzerland’s Blick newspaper: “Even with Alonso, Ferrari’s overall package is not as strong as it once was with Schumacher.

“They are now missing (Jean) Todt, (Ross) Brawn and the often underestimated designer (Rory) Byrne. And without the right people, soon you are lost,” the Austrian added.

  • Ronman

    Howowowow… Hang on a minute, they still havent turned a wheel in this thing…why is the press so in a hurry to dismiss people…

  • jose

    let the testing begin. then we can discuss.

  • Editor

    Whatever the pre-season hype, one thing is sure this is gonna be one helluva season…. the games have already begun perhaps as early as when Shumi put pen to paper and followed that by hogging headlines with GP2 testing on the exact same days as Ferrari’s Wroom 2010 F1 season warm-up party in the snow!

  • Maleen

    Rubbish… Media wants to make a story out of anything… Ferrari’s wind tunnel timings are impressive… So wait & see how this F10 win races…

  • Aaron

    Although it’s still early days, It would appear that the Ferrari engine is up to speed undoubtedly. I doubt that the car is as much of a dog as last years. Probably pro-schumacher propaganda going around.

    The fact that Sauber and Ferrari are consistently up 2 days in a row is encouraging. It’s too early to tell what Mercedes has.