Alonso and Massa kitted out in 2010 gear

Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso in Ferrari 2010 race suits

Jan.22 (YF1) Ferrari are the first team to reveal their drivers in 2010 style race suits. In pictures released to the media Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Giancarlo Fisichella are seen wearing the latest team gear.

Most prominent feature is the Santander branding on the driver chests and prominently on the suit collars, which is in line with the Spanish bank’s sponsorship of the team. Last year’s suits featured stripes in Italian flag colours down the top half of the suit. This detail is no longer present, however there is more presence of white in the form of flashes down the driver’s legs and under the arms.

Caps remain branded with Mubadala name and logo, the Abu Dhabi investment company which is heavily invested in Ferrari. Suits and white race boots are again made by Puma. Marlboro “bar code” logo alongside the prancing horse badge remain on the top left of the driver’s chest with Shell and Bridgestone on the right side. Marlboro “bar code” is also present on the upper arms, with Etihad (Abu Dhabi airlines) below this.

Massa’s helmet appears the same as last year’s while Alonso has reverted back to the light blue of Oviedo with red and yellow flashes of the Spanish flag. On the helmets above the visor is the Marlboro “bar code” logo, with Etihad below the visor and Santander on either side on the cheeks area of the helmet.