Merry Christmas from

So Santa Claus is a Ferrari fan? Silly old man!

We at would like to wish all the visitors to our website a Merry Christmas filled with the best of times with family and friends.

In a short space of time we have become a community and we actually feel part of a greater family with a common bond which is a passion and deep interest in Formula 1. This great sport serves to unite and break down barriers irrespective of gender, race, beliefs into a single unit while reducing distances between one another by a click of a button. This is worth celebrating.

On the racing front we all received a most fanttastic “Christmas present” with the return of the legend Michael Schumacher making a comeback into F1 with the Mercedes GP team. Love him or loathe him, one thing is sure we have all the ingredients for an electric season of Formula 1 to watch and become involved in with

Once again Merry Christmas brothers and sisters!

  • Indian F1 fan

    Hi TeamYalla

    Happy Christmas!!!

  • Pitrat

    Merry Christmas Guys, and same goes to all the visitors…