Toyota, not Renault, re-thinking F1 commitment

Flavio Briatore has denied that Renault might be among the next wave of manufacturers to pull out of formula one. It emerged at Valencia on Sunday that Toyota’s budget for the 2010 season has not yet been approved by the board of the Japanese manufacturer.

It is suggested the Toyota Motor Corporation is awaiting the results of its half financial year report before giving the green light for another season on the grid.

BMW and Honda also decided to quit the sport despite efforts to reduce costs, and it is regularly rumoured that Renault is also re-thinking its commitment to F1, despite like Toyota recently signing the 2012 Concorde Agreement.

“I don’t understand why this question is always put to Renault,” Renault team boss Briatore said.

“In the last five years, Renault is still racing and a lot of people are not any more. There’s no problem at all,” he added.

In fact, Briatore said Renault is already contemplating the future beyond the end of the new tripartite agreement with the FIA and F1’s commercial rights holders.

“Renault wants to stay in formula one for a long time and the Concorde Agreement is only signed until 2012, and then we will be looking for ’13, ’14, ’15, ’16,” said the Italian.