McLaren interested in full-time Schu return

If Michael Schumacher is on the lookout for a team to return full-time to formula one, McLaren is interested. “We’d be nuts not to be interested if a seven times world champion was honestly thinking about coming back to formula one. But I don’t think its likely,” the Anglo-German team’s boss Martin Whitmarsh is quoted as saying by the Mirror.

Ferrari would be the obvious destination if 40-year-old German’s abortive attempt to replace Felipe Massa has re-fired his motivation, but the Italian team is believed to already have Massa, Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso under contract.

Ross Brawn, Schumacher’s former Ferrari colleague as technical director, said at Valencia that he spoke last week with Schumacher and the German did not sound likely to be mounting a full return to the sport. “I think he was only interested in coming back because it was for seven races,” he said.