Renault CEO expects Alonso to stay despite rumours

The CEO of Renault on Friday said he expects Fernando Alonso to remain with the French carmaker’s formula one team in 2010. Carlos Ghosn was responding to widespread rumours, also denied by the Spanish driver at the Nurburgring, that the 27-year-old will switch to Ferrari. “As far as I am concerned, he’ll be driving a Renault next year,” Ghosn told radio Europe 1.

On Thursday to the English language media Alonso swore blind that reports of a looming Ferrari switch are not true. The 27-year-old Spaniard, however, also gave interviews at the Nurburgring to reporters in the native tongues of Spain, France and Italy.

To the Spanish sports newspaper AS, he admitted that Ferrari is an option for the future. “I have often said that I want to be in a car that allows me to win.? In 2005 and 2006 everyone dreamed of the Renault, but in the last ten seasons Ferrari have won more championships than us.

“That’s why Ferrari is the option that everyone has in mind, because of their successes of the past decade.? You want to go where you will have the best car,” said Alonso. In another newspaper, El Mundo, the 27-year-old insisted he has “always been ready to go to a team like Ferrari”.

“What I mean is that I am not demoralised, I am not sad, I am simply in delay.? It’s like in the Tour (de France).? I’m now in the stage where I am reserving my energy for the mountains, because it’s then that I am going to be on top,” Alonso added.

He refused to predict how his native country would react to the official news that he is switching to the famous Maranello based team. “I don’t know, I am not a fortune teller.? It is necessary to have this race in Germany, to see what happens in the championship, and what happens in the future is difficult to predict,” said Alonso.