Mosley exit could lead to Dennis return

Max Mosley’s impending departure could pave the road for Ron Dennis to return to the formula one paddocks of the world. In the wake of the ‘lie-gate’ scandal and other run-ins with the FIA president, including the spy scandal and $100m fine, the long-standing McLaren chief and shareholder has been quietly working only on the company’s road car division in recent months.

Despite saying he would still be seen at circuits in 2009 after handing over to Martin Whitmarsh, Dennis has actually been conspicuously absent this season, with many believing it was a necessary move to calm relations between Mosley and the Woking based team.

But with peace now declared between the FOTA teams and the FIA, 62-year-old Dennis may be “coming back”, according to a report in The Times newspaper. “There can be little doubt that he will be tempted back to formula one now that his nemesis has been removed,” the newspaper claimed.

Officially, the Mercedes-powered team said the events of this week will not result in Dennis returning to the pitwall or re-assuming Whitmarsh’s role as team boss. But a team source said: “Racegoers might be seeing a little more of him from now.”

Meanwhile, another of Dennis’ former enemies, Jean Todt, is making headlines in Malaysia. The former Ferrari boss, whose girlfriend is the Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, was recently granted a $411,000 contract with the country’s government to be a tourism ambassador within Europe.

The opposition is furious, arguing that the Frenchman is using the money for holiday expenses, and was offered ownership of part of an island as part of the deal.